Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Online Flashcards

There are plenty of free resources online for parents, home schoolers, and educators. Free online flashcards are abundant and are perfect for printing off to teach your child new concepts, such as math,  words, colors, shapes, and the alphabet. Here's a list of some of the flashcards you can find online:

Free Printable Flash Card Maker - Make your own flashcards with this application. Fill in front and back information. You can also add images.

Flashcard Exchange - A large directory of flashcards. You can also make your own flashcards. Study the flashcards online or print them off.

Printing 3x5 Flash Cards - A how to article on different ways to print 3x5 flashcards.

TLS Free Printable Flashcards - These free printable flashcards include math, language arts, and early childhood.

Flashcards in Word - Instructions on how to create your own flashcards in Word.

Addition Flashcards - Free printable addition flashcards.

French Flashcards - Print off flashcards for learning French.

Flashcard Generator - Make flashcards from your word lists in several different sizes, fonts, and borders.

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