Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lemony Tea Blend

One of the things I miss right now is my herb garden. I can't wait until I am settled in someplace where I can rebuild my herb patch and begin making my own tea blends. In my old copy (1983) of The Rodale Herb Book, there's a delicious lemon tea recipe that I would love to try.

Combine the following dried, crushed herbs:

9 Tbsp lemon thyme
3 Tbsp lemon basil
1/2 tsp lemon balm
4 Tbsp mild green tea

Blend well. To use, steep 1 tsp per hot cup of water.

For more tea blend recipes, I would recommend The Herb Tea Book: Blending, Brewing, and Savoring Teas for Every Mood and Occasion. It's never too soon or too late to start planning your herbal tea garden.

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