Saturday, August 6, 2011

Citrus Peel Potpourri

I feel a compulsion to dry the orange peels from every orange I eat. The same goes with lemon and lime peels. The peels make the house smell great, however a dish full of peels isn't very attractive. Here's an easy potpourri that uses the peels from citrus fruits and looks pretty in a decorative bowl.

8 oz dried orange blossoms
4 oz dried bee balm blossoms
2 oz dried tangerine peel
2 oz dried lemon peel
2 oz dried lime peel
1 oz dried orange peel
1 oz powdered orris root

Mix together in large, non-metal bowl using a wooden spoon. Mixture can be displayed immediately and freshened with a fragrant orange or tangerine oil.

For more potpourri recipes, check out Making Potpourri, Soaps & Colognes: 102 Natural Recipes by David Webb.

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