Monday, August 1, 2011

Easy Fresh Lemonade Recipe

Whether it's super hot outside or freezing cold, I always have those days where I crave a tall glass of homemade lemonade. This recipe for easy lemonade makes 2-1/2 quarts - the perfect amount for the kids and I. As an added bonus, I get to use the large punch bowl that would otherwise collect dust year round.

8 lemons (1/2 a lemon will be reserved for garnishing)
1 cup sugar
8 cups ice cold water

FIrst, wash the lemon and set on towel to dry. Cut each lemon in half and squeeze juice into a large serving bowl. Remember to save half a lemon for garnishing. Add sugar to lemon juice and stir until dissolved. Add cold water and stir. Thinly slice remaining lemon half and add to bowl. Add ice to bowl and serving ladle. Serve.

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