Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Garden Herb Potpourri Recipe

I love this potpourri recipe! It calls for everything I used to grow in my herb garden. The cloves and orris root can be purchased at health food stores and some craft stores. This recipe comes from The Rodale Herb Book - How To Use, Grow, And Buy Nature's Miracle Plants.

2 cups thyme
1 cup rosemary
1/2 cup lavender
1 cup mint
1/4 cup tansy
1/4 cup clove
1/2 oz orris root (fixative)

Do not use metal utensils when making potpourris. Use wood, enamel, or ceramic.

For sachets, finely crush all the herbs with a mortar and pestle. For potpourri, keep the herbs and peels coarsely broken.

After mixing the potpourri, transfer the herbs to a wide mouth glass jar. Screw lid on tightly and keep in a dark place for roughly 4 months. Once a week, stir the potpourri with the handle of a wooden spoon, recap, and put away.

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