Monday, August 29, 2011

Sew Your Own Dolls

When my teenage daughter was a little one, I would sew dolls for her. I tried out free online patterns and bought books on sewing dolls. While the online patterns were nice, I preferred to use my doll making books for patterns and ideas. Now that I am expecting again, I am anxious to get back into sewing dolls. Here are some of the books I own on doll making:

Easy to Make Cloth Dolls and All the Trimmings

Rag Dolls & How to Make Them

Prairie People: Cloth Dolls to Make and Cherish

Make Your Own Old-Fashioned Cloth Doll and Her Wardrobe: With Full-Size Patterns

Make Cloth Dolls: A Foolproof Way to Sew Fabric Friends

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