Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aechmea Houseplants Care and Propagation

The urn plant is the most popular Aechmea houseplant. It is a tropical plant and can go up to 2 feet tall.

Aechmeas grow best in full sunlight. If you want it to flower, keep it at the sunniest window of your home.

Water this plant moderately. Allow the top half inch of soil to dry before each watering.

Use a liquid houseplant fertilizer on Aechmeas once every two weeks. The only time when this houseplant does not need fertilizer is when it is winter.

Keep the Aechmea is a small pot because it does not produce a large amount of roots. The best potting soil is an equal mixture of perlite, leaf mold, and peat moss.

The Aechmea sends out offshoots. When these offshoots are half the size of the mother plant, they can be removed from the pot and place in a pot of their own.

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