Thursday, September 8, 2011

Aeonium Houseplants Care and Propagation

A popular succulent, the Aeonium are common household plants that go by many names, such as pin-wheel, Atrpurpureum, Schwartzkopf, giant velvet rose, and saucer plant.

Aeoniums need full sunlight to grow healthfully. Too little sunlight and leaves will start falling off the plant.

Water Aeoniums moderately. Allow the top half inch of soil to dry out before each watering. Too little water will make the leaves shrivel up. Too much water will bloat the leaves and cause them to droop.

If you feel it is necessary, use a liquid houseplant fertilizer once ever two weeks while the plant is in its growth period.

Aeoniums should not be allowed to stand in water. They need a porous soil, such as potting soil that is half perlite or coarse sand and half regular potting soil.

You can start Aeoniums from seeds.

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