Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Sell Eggs from Your Small Farm

Learn how to sell farm fresh eggs from your home or stand using inexpensive methods that work.

Eggs for Sale Sign

In the farming community where I live, there are many places for me to buy eggs, and I have probably stopped at nearly every egg stand I could find in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The first thing that attracts me to these chicken egg farms is the sign.
When driving, the signs that attract me attention have a white background and bold, black lettering. Most of the eggs for sale signs are painted on a wood board. The best lettering is roughly five inches in height. Almost all the signs are hand painted and legible.
The signs read, "Eggs for Sale." They are short, simple, and easy to read while driving.


I already know that since I am stopping in at someone's home they will not accept credit cards or cash, but I do like to know how much they are selling their eggs for. One of my biggest peeves with people selling eggs from their small farm is the fact that they do not post the price outside. I want to know if I have enough change to buy a dozen eggs or if the farm is selling organic eggs at a much higher price.
On some of the eggs for sale signs, I've seen a smaller sign hooked underneath with the price per dozen eggs. This way, potential customers know how much cash to have on hand before walking up to your door.

Parking Space

Is there parking? Is there space for people to pull out or turn around? If you live along a busy road, you will need to create a turnaround area for your customers. People do not want to park along the shoulder of the road and risk opening their car door with oncoming traffic. You will lose a lot of customers if you do not provide ample parking and turnaround space.

Local Advertising

Being a small, agricultural business, you will gain most of your customers through word of mouth and from your sign. To begin advertising on the cheap, print off flyers of "eggs for sale" along with price, location, and phone number, and post the flyers up at local grocery stores. Local libraries will also sometimes have a community board where you may be able to post your flyer. Also check local restaurants for community boards and, while you are there, speak to the owners or buyers and see if they are interested in purchasing local eggs for their business.

Selling from a Stand

Setting up a small stand, either on your property or at a local farmer's market is another way to drum up extra business for your small farm. You don't have to become a regular seller at farmer's markets, however, if you would rather work from home. Focus on when egg sales will be best - Easter.
During the Easter holiday, people buy dozens of eggs to boil and paint. There are so many ways you can take part of this yearly tradition. For example, you can have an egg painting workshop for kids at your small farm. You can also create a small website for your business and posts articles on decorating eggs, as well as how to cook the eggs.
There are just so many ways you can advertise and sell your chicken eggs that, with a little forethought and creativity, you can make your small chicken farm business a successful venture.

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