Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ways to Change Your Life Today

Bring about positive change in your life right now.

Clean Your Living Space

Dirt, clutter, and disorganization in the home reflects what is also going on inside your head. In turn, it affects your thoughts, creating a downward spiral of low self esteem and a feeling of being unable to break free from your troubles. To make the first step towards changing your life today, clean up your room, your home, or your apartment. Make the place sparkle and you will feel great afterwards.

Let Go of Junk from the Past

Sometimes we hang on to things that bring us bad memories or things that bring about depression, sadness, or anger. Items from a former love, a parent or grandparents, or even a former best friend can hold you down emotionally. Now is the time to get rid of those items. Throw them away. Grab a box (or boxes), pack up the items and donate them to charity. Stick old love letters into the paper shredder and take them out to the trash. Getting rid of hurtful reminders helps us let go of the past. There's no need to hang on - let it go. We are only harming ourselves when we hold onto things that we cannot change.
Get rid of unused items, as well. Hobbies that you've lost interest ing, a collection of books you have never read and never will read, or a box filled with travel trinkets - get rid of them. Sell them, give them away, or donate these items to charity. Remove the clutter from your life.

I Love You

Stand in front of the mirror, look deep into your eyes, and say it. Go ahead, I dare you to do it right now. I love you! Sing it, shout it, whisper it, dance to it. Tell yourself that you love you every morning when you wake up as part of your routine and you will begin to see your life take a positive turn. That is because you are raising your self esteem, and high self esteem leads to success in pursuing your dreams.

Make a List

Sit down in a quiet place with just a pen and paper and make a list of 50 to 100 things you want to do before you die. Keep chores off the list. This is a list of wants. It can include things like write a book, make a movie, climb a mountain, or visit a country. Next, set the list aside for a few hours. Come back to it and read it through. Decide at that moment to choose one thing on you list to accomplish and begin to set it into motion. If you have decided to write a book, begin by creating a work area in your home. Get the supplies you need, the research material, or grab a notebook and pen and start playing around with ideas.

Write a Mission Statement

When creating a business proposal, people write one or two sentences that describe the purpose of their business. What about the purpose of your life? What is you mission statement? What do you feel your purpose is here on Earth? Write a mission statement for your life and tape it to your desk, your refrigerator, or by the bathroom mirror. Once you have your life's mission statement, you will be able to find ways to fulfill your mission statement.

More Things You Can Do Right Now

  • Read a self help book.
  • Write a list of all the things you think you can't do, such as "I can't whistle," and then, one by one, prove to yourself that you CAN do these things.
  • I love life. I love being alive. Repeat these two sentences to yourself throughout the day.
  • Make a solid plan to quit a bad habit. Research ways to quit online.
  • Don't know what to do with yourself? Go to the library and browse. Something will catch your eyes and inspire you.
  • Sign up for a class. It can be a cooking class, tax preparation class, or a self help class. Anything that sounds interesting to you.
  • Join a local club. Hiking and walking clubs are great, as a card playing clubs, magician clubs, and so on. If you can't find a club that interests you, start your own.

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