Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Leave the Content Mills and Go Directly to Kindle Books

For years I have slaved away, working on multiple content farms and earning pennies for my hard work. It wasn't until only recently that I took my son's advice and took a dive into publishing on Kindle Books. All I can say is that I wish I would have made this plunge sooner.

Content Mills

Content mills start up with great promises about earnings. Some even offer decent money incentives when starting up. However, as the years have shown me, they all have a tendency to sink once reality sinks in - People won't bother to read poorly written content.

After the shine has worn off, the content mill sinks into a pit. Google won't take its articles seriously and the search engine rankings are piss poor. Writers, in turn, earn a penny here and a penny there. Some content mills close shop and the writers never get paid.

What's in it for you to continue writing for these content mills? A few pennies per article, if you're lucky, and a lot of wasted time.

Writing for Kindle

Writing for Kindle is a different animal completely. If you are a good writer, can put a sentence together, and have something interesting to say, the chances are good that you will make more publishing Kindle books than you have ever made on content mills.

The downside is that writing longer material takes a longer amount of time. Kindle books are not something you rush on through. You craft them together, share your knowledge, pour your heart out, and empty your brain into them. The result? Much better pay and the satisfaction of saying that you are now published on's Kindle books.

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