Sunday, November 3, 2013

Resources for Starting Your Own Campground

Starting a campground is something I have thought of doing for nearly 3 decades - ever since my mom started taking me camping. Now, at age 40, I am looking into the idea more seriously. Some questions I have had to ask myself include:

  1. Do you live in an area that attracts tourists?
  2. Are you willing to move to an area that attracts tourists?
  3. Is the campground going to be a place where people stay to sleep and visit local attractions or will you be designing family activities to keep people busy during the day at your campground (ex. swimming pool, boating and rentals, nature trails)?
  4. What is the cost of land in the areas you are willing to move to?
  5. Will the park be open during the summer season or all year round?
  6. Can you afford to buy a campground that has already been built and established?
  7. Will you be joining a campground franchise, such as KOA?
After choosing areas that I am willing to move to and doing further internet research, it was time to purchase books that would further help me on my path to living one of my longtime dreams. Unfortunately, there are few books on the subject, but I managed to cobble a small reference library to help me gain more knowledge on starting a campground.

Starting Your Own Primitive Campground

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