Sunday, December 15, 2013

Is Kindle Self Publishing Worth the Effort?

Having been on the internet since 1997, I have tried out a lot of different things to make money with my writing. From websites to content mills to micro-tasks, and now I am doing Kindle self publishing. Of all the methods for writers to make money online, I have found Kindle self publishing to be the most lucrative.

The website I ran did great while it lasted. I monetized using (my top money maker on the site), Commission Junction, and AdSense. On the downside, I had a lot of problems with content theft and, after much battling with every teenager who wanted to build a site similar to my own, I gave up and got rid of the website.

I went on to work for the content mills. I drilled out a lot of content with only a tiny bit of return. I was not making close to what I made on my main website and I was doing 5 times the work.

My latest online job is writing books for Kindle. I have 4 active pen names that I write under, and I am earning more from Kindle than I did with the website and writing for content mills.

Is Kindle self publishing worth the effort? It is for me. I self publish non-fiction books that are roughly 50 pages in length each. I am making a decent living off the sales, and I am anxious to get more published.

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