Friday, March 21, 2014

7 Types of Blog Posts

1. List Posts

List posts are fun to write and they can often be written in under an hour. You can write Top 10 Best lists on just about everything, from books to cell phones. Other lists title headings might start off as:

  • 8 Great Ways to
  • 20 Tricks to
  • 5 Amazing Secrets
  • 10 Tips
  • 25 Must See

2. How-to and DIY Posts

People love, love, love to learn new things and be shown how to do things on their own. You can write how-to articles on just about everything, from fixing the kitchen sink to baking cookies. How-to articles bring in a lot of clicks. The downside to writing how-to articles is that they take more time to write than most other posts.

3. Review Posts

I began writing book reviews well over a decade ago. I have since moved on to include product and movie reviews in my blog posts. These posts do especially well because people want to read other people's experiences with things before buying something.

Review posts do not need to be long. In fact, keep your reviews simple. For my blog on Kindle writing, I use a formula for writing ebook reviews that include a summary, pros, cons, and personal thoughts. My review of Nonfiction Book Ideas by Ian Stables shows my book review formula.

4. Opinion Posts

Opinions are like… bellybuttons. Opinion blog posts are the easiest posts to write. Choose something to write about and give the world your opinion. You can give your opinion on television shows, how your school handles bullies, or why marriage is overrated. Whatever comes to mind, write about it.

5. Interview Posts

Interviewing people is fun and creates quick, unique content for your blog. Back when I was interviewing authors I would contact either the author's publisher or contact the author through her website and ask her if she would spend a few minutes answering a couple of interview questions through email. I was never turned down by any of the writers I contacted.

6. Controversial and Attack Posts

Controversial posts are similar to opinion posts, but with the sole purpose of stirring up trouble and disagreements. Attack posts are posts that attack a person or thing. I don't care to write either of these types of posts. If you do write these posts, do so sparingly. You may wind up losing more readers than gaining readers.

7. Research Posts

Research posts are posts that were researched and teach readers about something. Examples of a research post include:

  • The history of the Christmas tree
  • Origins of the Easter bunny
  • Women in the Civil War

These types of posts take time to write, but they are important staples for any blog. They give the blogger an air of authority on his blog topic and show the reader that this blogger isn't some dumb schmuck off the street.