Thursday, July 31, 2014

12 Herbs You Can Grow Indoors

There are plenty of herbs that you can grow indoors or move from your garden and bring indoors when the weather starts to get cold.

1. Basil - Basil can be grown indoors and sprigs can be cut, chopped, and added to spaghetti sauce. Eating a leaf of basil will also tame bad breath.

2. Chives - Chives grow really well when potted and brought indoors. Use fresh, chopped chives in scrambled eggs are as a garnish for deviled eggs.

3. Dill - Grow inside and add fresh dill to breads and soups.

4. Fennel - Fennel is commonly used to cure an upset stomach. Grow indoors in a well-drained pot.

5. Hyssop - Grow hyssop in a sunny window and use it to make a healthy tea.

6. Lavender - Lavender growing in a sunny window can make a whole room smell beautiful.

7. Parsley - Parsley is a popular garnish and freshly chopped parsley is a much needed addition to homemade chicken noodle soup.

8. Peppermint - Peppermint grown in a sunny window can be used to make tea that will soothe an upset stomach.

9. Rosemary - Potted rosemary plants are a common Christmas gift and can be grown indoors.

10. Sage - Sage is a great addition to breads, bread stuffing, and soups. Use freshly grown sage for baking, cooking, and in teas.

11. Savory - Savory can be added to meat dishes and it is used in making broths.

12. Thyme - Thyme can be added to a number of meat dishes, soups, and broths.

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