Saturday, August 16, 2014

6 Lottery Winning Tips

Who doesn't want a chance at winning the lottery? I would simply love the opportunity to get ahead and have a chance to spend a little extra on the things my kids and I want. That is why I have been doing a little bit of research on how others believe they won the lottery.

1. Choose Numbers with Meaning

Don't let the machine pick your numbers for you. Instead, pick numbers that have meaning to you. They can be ages, birthdays, or the last two digits of the years your family members were born. Choose your lucky number. If a number has a happy meaning to it, choose it.

2. Choose Random Numbers

Some winners swear by choosing their own random numbers. This can be done by holding a pen and letting it drop onto random numbers or you can go the extra mile and write each number on a slip of paper and drop them into a bowl. Draw out the number of slips (numbers) you need to fill out the lottery card and use the numbers you draw.

3. Play the Same Numbers

After you have chosen your set of numbers, play them each time you play the lottery. Also, focus on your numbers as you play them. Memorize them. They are your ticket to financial freedom.

3. Practice Law of Attraction

You've probably heard about the Law of Attraction by now. It basically states that what you think about, you become or you acquire. I read about a lottery winner who swears by this practice and, hey, practicing positive thinking is always helpful when living your day to day life. Using it to help you win the lottery is not a bad idea, either.

4. Pray or Spell

There is no harm in praying for what you want in any religion. People have also been known to cast little spells or set out a patron saint to help their cause. When it comes to good fortune, turn to your religion or spiritual beliefs for help. There are many ways to ask God, the Gods and Goddesses, and the Oneness for help. Utilize them.

5. Watch Money Attraction Videos

Visit YouTube and watch a few money attraction and lottery winning hypnosis and meditation videos. I've tested out a few before choosing which scratch off ticket to buy and I believe that they work for me.

6. Keep Playing

You can't play just once and then give up because you didn't win right away. It takes perseverance and determination to win the lottery. Many winners have played the lottery faithfully for years before they won. Go in it for the long haul and see what happens.

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