Saturday, August 2, 2014

Making Hotpads on Looms

I was trying to remember all the crafts my mom and I would do together when I was small, and the first thing that came to mind were the hot pads I used to make on a square, metal loom.

When my two oldest were small, I bought them a plastic loom to make hot pads and they went to town. They must have made close to 50 hot pads in their early years and I still have a bunch of them tucked away, over a decade later.

Now that my youngest child is nearly three years old, I am dreaming, once again, of my crafting time. A quick search on Amazon turned up the old metal loom like I had when I was small. Of course, I ordered it to put away until the little one is old enough to weave.

Crafting is a family affair, and something that builds wonderful memories of family. I can't wait to share this time with my youngest.

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