Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Sell and Make Money With Your Crafts

You Can Make Money With Crafts

I often hear friends complain about making beautiful crafts, but not being able to sell their crafts. I tell them all the time, they have to sell themselves, and their crafts, to the world. They can not just set up a little table at a craft shop and expect people to find them. They need to step out of the box and find the customers! With that being said, let us look at the many ways you can make money from doing crafts.

Teach Classes

This is one of the best ways to get yourself out in the public's eye. Give classes on how to do your crafts and make money. Traditionally, classes are given in person. You can teach your craft from your home. You can also contact your local library and find out if they have a community room that can be rented and you can teach there. Some craft stores also allow you to teach crafts at their stores. You benefit by charging for the instructions and the craft store benefits from the purchase of supplies needed for your crafts.

Make Instructional Videos

Similar to teaching classes, you can also make instructional videos on making your crafts. You can sell and market these videos on your own, from a website, or you can post them to various video websites online and earn money from views and advertising.

Write How To Articles

I make a lot of crafts, from sewing and knitting to paper mache and wood carving. However, I make these items for my family and friends. To earn money off my crafts, I write how to articles for each project. I have found this to be an excellent way to make money off of crafting for many reasons. The main reason is that I don't have to settle down with one particular craft item to make and sell. I can jump around, working on a wood carving one week and the next week sew a Halloween costume. I like being able to try out different craft ideas and sharing the ideas with other people. Another reason why I choose to make my craft money by writing is because I have been able to build up a good amount of residual income that I can count on getting each month. I don't have to rely on holiday gift buying for the bulk of my income.

There are many websites that pay for craft articles. You will want to find a website that allows you to post more than one picture per article and that has a step by step layout you can use.

You may also want to consider a blog. With a blog, you can write about your craft, post pictures and videos, sell your crafts, and sell items from

Sell Craft Kits

I have a friend that switched from selling her crafts to selling craft kits so that other people can make her crafts. This is a fun way to get more people interested in your craft. There are also many people who want to make their own items to gift and the craft kits allow them to do this.

Sell Crafts Online and Offline

Sometimes the craft market seems overwhelmed with same craft items. For example, a few years ago, everyone seemed to be selling skinny scarves. If you are going to sell your crafts online or in person, make sure your items are original in some fashion. Use special yarn, have a color theme to your items, sell your crafts and your creativity to the public.

If you are fortunate to practice a unique craft, such as carving hiking sticks or caning, you will be met with a more interested audience. Take advantage of this curiosity and make money by testing out all the ideas above, from selling kits to instructional videos. You may be well on your way to quitting your day job if you angle your craftiness in the right way.