Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to Rehydrate Dried Fruit

Not only is dried fruit a great way to store the summer’s harvest, it is also a great addition to your cooking. Dried fruit is normally eaten in its dried state or added to breads, trail mixes, and cookies. The dried fruit can also be softened before adding it to breads and hot cereals. By cooking the dried fruits, you can also make purees and baby food that can be cooled and eaten immediately.

Soak in Liquid

There are three ways you can rehydrated dried fruit without cooking them. The easiest method is to spread dried fruit on a dish and sprinkle the fruit with water or fruit juice. Cover with a lid or plastic wrap and let sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can also put the dried fruit in a bowl and cover it with boiling water. Let stand for five to ten minutes and strain off the liquid. The third method is to place dried fruit in a steamer and steam over boiling water for five minutes or until the fruit is soft. Dried fruit that has been rehydrated needs to be used immediately or else it will begin to go bad. The rehydrated fruit can be stored in a plastic container with lid for up to one day.

Cook Until Soft

Dried fruit that needs to be softened for recipes, made into puree or baby food are softened on the stove. Put the dried fruit in a saucepan and cover with fruit juice or water. Simmer the fruit until it is tender. If you are making a puree or baby food, simmer the fruit until it becomes so soft that it is falling apart and can be pureed in a blender. If you want to sweeten the fruit or add spices, add them after the fruit has softened. If you sweeten the fruit while it is still simmering to get soft, the fruit will become tough.

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