Saturday, January 10, 2015

7 Ways Beginning Writers Can Make Money Online

The decision to become an online writer can be daunting, at first. Take baby steps and learn one platform at a time. Spend time writing for a content site and learning what brings in hits and what doesn't. Start your own blog or website and earn an income through Adsense or Amazon Associates. Create your own courses, teaching others the skills you already have. It doesn't matter what you choose, as long as you stop dreaming about becoming a writer and take the actual steps to become one.

1. HubPages

Since the closing of Squidoo and the downfall of Bubblews, HubPages remains the strongest online content site for beginners to write for. Write articles on just about everything and get involved in the community. In time, you will be able to build up a good passive income on articles that will continue to bring in an income month after month.

2. Fiverr

Sell your writing skills on Fiverr. Offer to write blog posts, articles, and even press releases.

3. Kindle Books

Write Kindle books. This is my favorite way to create a passive income. Even beginning writers can write a book and put it up for sale on Amazon's Kindle.

4. Udemy

Put your talents and writing skills to use by creating online courses. Teach people new skills and get paid for it.

5. Zemandi

Zemandi doesn't pay much, but it is fairly easy to use and as you get more work accepted, you learn how to write blog posts and content that will sell.

6. Google Adsense

Apply for Google Adsense. With an Adsense account, you can monetize your blog and use it to make money on content websites.

7. Amazon Associates

Sign up for Amazon Associates and get a percentage from the sales you make through your website. Set up a blog on Google's Blogger for free and write book reviews. Link the reviews to their pages on Amazon. Build up a Twitter account and link to your reviews and directly to your books on your Twitter page.

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