Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Easy Knit Loop Scarf Using Homespun Thick and Quick

I love the look of the loop scarves being sold in stores, so I had to make my own. Then I had to make my daughter one and next I’ll be making one for my future daughter-in-law.

The wonderful thing about these scarves is that they are so warm and so easy to knit. I can wrap it around twice for a loose fit or I can wrap it around thrice for a tight, warmer fit.

Yarn: Homespun Thick and Quick (super bulky 6)

Needles: US 17

Cast on 16 stitches, leaving a 12 inch tail.

Knit every row until you have about 36 inches left of yarn. Bind off.

It will look like you’ve made a long, thick scarf. Bring both ends together and sew them using the leftover yarn. Weave in excess and you are done.

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