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10 Mind-Boggling Controversies and Rumors About Lee Harvey Oswald

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, and the activities of Jack Ruby has left this part of American history wide open for speculation, rumors, and conspiracy theories. While many of the most common conspiracy theories center around the assassination and how it was done, there is an undercurrent of mystery about the man who was accused of murdering J.F.K.

Lee Harvey Oswald is often portrayed as a solitary man, a loner, and a misfit, but researchers tell us a different story about a man who joined the marines and who was married with two daughters. [SOURCE] And the rumors? There is distinct possibility that at least some of the rumors may contain some truths, even though we will never know for certain what actually happened and why.

1. Meetings With Jack Ruby

Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald two days after Kennedy’s assassination, owned a striptease club in Dallas. Some of his employees claimed they had seen Oswald in the club’s crowd. Bill Demar, a magician and ventriloquist, said that Oswald had taken part as a volunteer in his memory act. A customer that day, Harvey Wade, confirmed the sighting. Another employee, comedian Wally Weston, also said that he saw Oswald at the club at least two times before the assassination.

A Dallas lawyer, Carroll Jarnigan, took things even further by telling the FBI that he had seen both Oswald and Ruby together at the club. He claimed to have overheard them talking about assassinating the Governor, John Connally. [SOURCE] Governor Connally was in the motorcade with Kennedy on the day of the assassination and was wounded by gunfire. [SOURCE]

Two of Jack Ruby’s strippers also talked about seeing Oswald and Ruby together. Janet “Jada” Conforto had told reporters that Ruby introduced Lee to her at the club and Karen “Little Lynn” Carlin told a Secret Service agent that she believed Ruby, Oswald, and some other men were involved in a plot to assassinate President Kennedy. [SOURCE]

2. Undercover FBI or CIA Agent

More and more evidence is being released that Oswald may very well have worked for the CIA, FBI, and Naval Intelligence. Oswald was probably recruited by the CIA during his time in the marines, at least that’s the word in a book published by French intelligence in 1968. [SOURCE]

In 1959, Oswald defected to the Soviet Union [SOURCE] where many believe he acted as a double agent. Sources say that the Soviets did not trust Oswald and he was returned to the United States in 1961. By 1963, there are reports that Oswald, along with two FBI agents, attempted to charter a plane to Cuba for November 22, 1963, the day of Kennedy’s assassination.

During the Warren Commission, allegations were made that the FBI was making monthly $200 payments to Oswald. The Commission took this matter up behind closed doors and the subject was dropped from the investigation into Oswald. [SOURCE]

3. Doppelgänger

It may seem incredible, but reports about Oswald having at least one doppelgänger have merit. On June 3, 1960, three years before Kennedy was assassinated, J. Edgar Hoover warned the State Department that the Oswald in the Soviet Union may be an impostor. That Lee Harvey Oswald was on the intelligence community’s radar is further proof that he probably did some work for the FBI and CIA.

Hundreds of people have come forward and claimed to have seen Oswald in the days leading up to Kennedy’s assassination. Attempts to trace one man’s steps have led some researchers to believe there was more than one Oswald in Dallas at that time and numerous conspiracy theories were born out of the discrepancies. [SOURCE]

4. The Real Oswald Died in 1959

This rumor ties in closely with the doppelgänger rumor. In August of 1981, Weekly World News, a tabloid newspaper, published a story claiming that the real Oswald was killed shortly after he entered the Soviet Union in 1959. The real Oswald was replaced with a Russian look-alike. [SOURCE]

It’s believed that Oswald was chosen by the Office of Naval Intelligence to take part in a program to get U.S. spies into the Soviet Union. The men they chose were young and were to appear disenchanted with the American way of life. It’s said that some of these men were picked up right away by the KGB, doubled (replaced with a look-alike), and returned to the U.S. to spy for the Russians. [SOURCE]

Further fueling the belief that the real Oswald died in the Soviet Union is the autopsy report from November 24, 1963. Previous to entering the Soviet Union, it was noted in Oswald’s marine records that he had a two-inch mastoidectomy scar behind his left ear. The autopsy report failed to mention the scar and further examination of the photos of Oswald after he was arrested did not show this previously noticeable scar. Other scars noted in his Marine records were different from the ones recorded in the autopsy report and Oswald’s vaccination scar was not recorded. The man on the slab was two-inches shorter than the Oswald that attended the Marines. [SOURCE]

5. He Was Brainwashed

Going back to when Oswald went to the Soviet Union, there are some conspiracy theorists who believe that Oswald was brainwashed by the KGB and programmed to assassinate President Kennedy. [SOURCE]

This idea isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. The Warren Commission was also interested in this possibility and General Counsel Rankin had asked the CIA Director for more information about the techniques Soviets used for “mind-conditioning.” [SOURCE]

New reports are being released about the Soviet Union’s mind control research, a part of their psychotronic research, that began back in 1917 and recently ended in 2003. Their experiments enabled them to alter brain functions and manipulate people’s thoughts. [SOURCE] Whether or not Oswald was placed into this KGB program is unknown, and will likely remain that way.

6. Gunpowder Residue

Roughly eight hours after Kennedy was assassinated, Oswald was given a paraffin test. For this test, Oswald’s hands and cheek were coated in paraffin wax. After the wax dried, it was removed and tested for the presence of nitrates. The nitrates would prove if Oswald handled or fired a gun.

Nitrates are said to have been found on Oswald’s hand casts but not on the cheek cast. [SOURCE] During the time of Oswald’s arrest, he did have a .38 caliber revolver on him [SOURCE] and the paraffin test proved that he, at the very least, handled this revolver. The evidence did not support that Oswald had fired a rifle.

By 1963, the paraffin wax test was falling out of use because it was considered unreliable and could produce false positives. The test was also supposed to be performed within five to six hours after a gun related crime was committed, not eight hours as is the case with Oswald. [SOURCE]

Other evidence claims that the paraffin test administered to Oswald was negative for nitrates and proved that Oswald never fired a gun. Some believe the Warren Commission withheld this information and the police who held Oswald gave reporters false information to convince the American public that Oswald was the murderer.

7. The Rifle

In the official reports, Oswald shot President Kennedy from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository Building [SOURCE] with a Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle. [SOURCE] With this cheap, $11 gun, [SOURCE] Oswald was supposedly able to load and fire off 3 shots in 8.3 seconds. In 2007, the Italian army supervised a test to see how fast this same model of rifle could fire off three shots. The team was not able to load and fire the gun in less than 19 seconds.

Another problem with the rifle is that the police on the scene identified the rifle as a 7.5 mm German Mauser, not a Carcano, Furthermore, photographs taken during different times of the investigation are said to show different component parts on the rifle. A committee was formed to investigate the allegations and, after viewing different photographs, they determined that it was the same gun throughout the entire investigation.

8. Lovelady

Seconds after shots were fired at President Kennedy, an Associated Press photographer snapped a photo of the President’s car and the door to the Texas School Book Depository Building. Standing in the doorway is a man that closely resembles Oswald. [SOURCE] How could Oswald be standing in the doorway if he had just shot the President from the sixth floor window?

The Warren Commission examined the photograph and had a panel compare photographs of Oswald and another Texas School Book Depository employee, Billy Lovelady, with the doorway photograph. While both men were very similar in appearance, the committee concluded that the photograph was of Lovelady.

The photographs the FBI took of Lovelady are believed to show tampering to Lovelady’s hairline. His face also appears to be “softened” with shadow, giving his face a longer appearance that would more resemble that of Oswald. Further examination into the photo and film taken during that time appears to some to have been tampered with to prove the Warren Commission’s findings: Oswald was not standing in the doorway at the time of the shooting. [SOURCE]

9. The Killing of the King

One of the most bizarre beliefs about the Kennedy assassination is that it was an occult ritual sacrifice called The Killing of the King. Tied in with mass mind control and secret societies, the Kennedy assassination was a psychological assault on the American people and was meant to create mass trauma. [SOURCE]

Believers in the Illuminati, an unknown group of people who are believed to control the fate of the world, [SOURCE] have found hidden occult symbols in the assassination of J.F.K., from triangles to the number 11. They also tie the assassination to Nazis working within the CIA at that time. [SOURCE]

How does this all tie in to the actions of Oswald? Within the Warren Commission, Masonic and occult associations were made to the symbolic nature of Kennedy’s assassination. [SOURCE] Lee Harvey Oswald, who was born and had lived in New Orleans, may have had an early interest in the occult [SOURCE] and it’s been reported that he had attended “black magic” rituals held at different homes within the area. [SOURCE]

If there is any truth to The Killing of the King ritual, Oswald would have been the sacrificial lamb or, as Oswald told a reporter after being asked if he shot the President, “I’m just a patsy.” [SOURCE]

10. Jack Ruby’s Lover

Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Oswald, was a bachelor and lived with another man, George Senator. Conspiracy theorists often pinpoint Ruby as being gay, but is there any truth to the subject?

Ruby owned a striptease club in Dallas, Texas. According to one of this lovers, a woman named Alice Reaves Nichols, the reason why she didn’t marry Ruby was because of his gambling habit and his affairs with numerous women. [SOURCE] In spite of this, claims were made that Ruby and Oswald hung out together at “gay hangouts” [SOURCE] and were seen together in New Orleans. [SOURCE]

Oswald was also reported to possibly be gay. Dean Andrews, a New Orleans attorney, told the Warren Commission that Oswald was in his office when a group of “gay kids” were brought in that year in 1963. Some of kids were “wearing clothes of the opposite sex…”. When Andrews was asked if Oswald appeared gay to him, he answered, “You can’t tell. I couldn’t say. He swang with the kids. He didn’t swish, but birds of a feather flock together….” [SOURCE]

The Warren Commission investigated the rumor about Ruby being a homosexual and found no evidence to support the claim. They went on to state that, “All the allegations were based on hearsay or derive from Ruby's lisp or a ‘feeling’ that Ruby was a ‘sissy,’ seemed ‘weird,’ acted effeminately, and sometimes spoke in a high-pitched voice when angry.” [SOURCE]

No evidence has ever proved that Ruby and Oswald were gay or lovers. [SOURCE]

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