Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Benefits of Publishing on Kindle

I am coming up on my 2nd year of writing Kindle books, and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to take on this venture. Since I began, I have reaped a tremendous number of benefits that every online writer should experience.

1. You Choose What to Write About

Unlike writing for content mills, when you write and publish your books on Kindle, you get to choose what you write about. You can write just about anything (that is legal) on any topic. You can choose between fiction and nonfiction. Heck, you can even publish essays and your break out that old box full of sappy, teenage poetry that you wrote after a horrific breakup in high school.

2. Word Count

The only word count rule to publishing on Kindle is that your book must be at least 2,500 words. That’s it - just one long article. Granted, people appreciate books that have a higher word count, from 6,000 words on up, but if you are writing about something that you have an inside scoop on, a 3,000 word booklet will work just fine.

3. Residual “Passive” Income

Instead of getting paid an outright amount your your writing, by publishing a Kindle book, you create a passive income. I used to call this residual income, but the key phrase these days is passive income.

The beauty of creating a passive income on Kindle is that by publishing books, you continue to build and grow your monthly passive income. Set a realistic goal - say $100 a month - and work towards those earnings. When you reach one goal, set a higher, realistic goal. Keep on going until you reach a comfort point and then work on exceeding it.

When it comes to Kindle earnings, you’ve got a lot of control and no limits to the amount you can earn each month.

4. You Are in Charge of Editing

There are some fabulous editors out there, and then there are editors that will make the most seasoned writer cringe. When you are in charge of your book, you are also in charge of your editing. Some writers will edit their own books and others will hire editors. When you hire your own editor, it is your responsibility to make certain that you and the editor are compatible. You are also at liberty to agree or disagree with the changes an editor makes or suggests.

5. Self Promotion

By publishing your books on Kindle, you are promoting your skills and knowledge. This is especially useful if you have a day job or want a day job that uses the skills and knowledge you have. For example, you can publish a series of Photoshop design books and cite them in your resume for a graphic design position.

Limitless Opportunities

There are many other opportunities available to those who publish their books on Kindle. Free products may become available to you if you give the items promotion in your books. You get bragging rights as a published author. You are in full control of your cover design. You will also be able to meet other interesting people in your line of work. You may never have to work outside your home again. You might become a millionaire.

The most important thing is: you are in complete control of your writing destiny.

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