Friday, July 31, 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Writing Your Book Today

There has been a point in almost everyone’s life where they have thought to themselves, “Hey, I should write a book about that!” Sadly, billions of these dreamers never take the first step to writing their story.

You can do something about that, right? You can start your own book right now.

1. It’s Never Been Easier to Write a Book

Let’s face it. Computers have revolutionized the process of writing a book. We no longer have to write our books out in long hand or fiddle with a click-clack typewriter. These days we can plop ourselves down in a comfy place and begin to write.

To add icing to the luscious piece of computer cake, there are also programs and apps available for writers that help use with the writing process. There is mind mapping software created to help us outline a book, speech recognition software that allows us to dictate our books, and software for creating a draft of your story.

Now, more than ever, writers have a large range of tools that makes writing easier to do and even fun to do.

2. Anyone Can Hire a Proofreader or Editor

Are you worried about being able to spell or writing grammatically correct sentences? Not sure of your word flow? Don’t be. There are people available to help you with your text and they are easy to hire online.

As an absolute beginner, it is necessary that you have someone read over and correct your work. You can start this process cheaply by hiring someone from,, or

If you hire a proofreader, this person will read over the final draft of your book and correct any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors. An editor will make direct changes to your work, rearrange sentence structure for better flow, and improve the overall quality of your book.

3. Now is as Good a Time as Any

There will never be a perfect moment to sit down and begin writing your book. Instead, you will have to make do with right now. Open a new page on your computer, grab a pen and a tablet of paper, or grab a chisel and stone. It does not mater how you begin writing your book, the time to start writing it is right now.

4. The Opportunity to Make Money

There is no guarantee that you will make money with your writing, but there is always a possibility. The odds are, if I were to take a gander, better than winning the lottery that you can make money from your writing. So why not take that chance and explore the possibilities that will open up to you if you begin working on your book right now?

5. It’s Never Been Easier to Publish and Sell a Book

Finding a publisher used to be a long, stressful dance with a publisher who would rather send you form rejections than acknowledge your existence. I used to joke that I was going to save all my rejection notices and use them as wallpaper in my writing room. It’s not that way anymore.

With self-publishing platforms on sites such as Amazon’s Kindle and Smashwords, you can skip the publishing houses and head straight to the public. There’s no more dancing around with queries or proposals and there are no more lengthy waits for rejection notices. You are in total control.

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