Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Getting Blog Ideas from Books

Low on ideas to blog about? It’s time to break out the books.

Hitting the Library

It doesn’t matter what you are blogging about, you can always find inspiration at the library. For example, let’s say you are blogging for cat lovers. You’ve run out of ideas to share with your readers so you stop in your local library. While there you find a craft book for crafts that cost under $10 to make. You look through the book but there are o cat related crafts. However, you realize that many of these crafts can be changed and geared towards cat lovers. That teddy bear pattern can be made into a catnip stuffed kitty toy. And what about that gardening book? How about gardening for your cats?

Visiting Used Book Stores

I regularly visit the used book shops to pick up books that just might inspire new ideas for my blogs. I tend to gravitate towards books published before the 80s because a lot of the older books have long forgotten ideas in them that haven’t travelled the internet thousands of times already.

Not Directly Related

One trick I learned while searching for new ideas was to get books not related to my subject. For example, if you had a blog on writing children’s books and you were looking for new post idea, you could take out a book on investments. Learning about investments could inspire you to write a series of posts on ways writers can invest their money, how they can build a portfolio from their passive incomes from publishing on Kindle, and do forth. Almost any subject can be made to fit another subject.

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