Thursday, July 16, 2015

How to Write Review Posts

There is no doubt that product reviews help you monetize your blog. Back in the early days of building websites, I had a website with well over 100 reviews for books and tarot cards. These simple reviews brought me a very good income from Amazon, and I was able to build up trust with my readers and make profitable connections with publishers and public relation teams.

What to Review

Your blog niche will determine what you will be reviewing. For example, if your niche is making watercolor paintings, you will be able to review books on how to make water color paintings, water color kits, different paints, and brushes. All of these items can be found on Amazon, a site trusted by millions of buyers.

Books are the easiest thing to review for blogs, in my opinion. However, if I was running a blog on big screen televisions, I would be concentrating on reviewing the latest big screen televisions and related products. A blog on grilling could concentrate on recipe books, grilling products, and grills. A food survivalist blog would concentrate on food storage books and food products that have a long shelf life. There are products to review for every blogging niche you can think of.

Basic Review Template

I keep my review template very basic:

  • Name of Product or Book
  • Author or Company
  • Summary of Product
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Personal Thoughts

You can also expand upon this basic review product by adding a section for specifications and features, or whatever other section you feel is necessary.

Honest Reviews

I am fed up with the dishonest reviews found on some blogs and on Amazon. The entire purpose to writing a review is to give readers an honest overview of a product. For every review I write, my general rule that is that I must include at least one con, or negative, remark. There is no such thing as a perfect product, and if you don't include at least one con, I, as a consumer, am going to assume that you are writing the review to make a sale instead of giving me an honest, informed opinion.

Include "Review" in Your Title

Many people search the internet for product reviews. When they do their search, they usually include the word "review" and the name of the product. For example, "iPad 3 reviews". For each of your product reviews, include the word "review" in your title so that the search engines and users know that your are reviewing a product.

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