Sunday, August 2, 2015

5 Anti Aging Herbs We Should All Know About

1. Ginkgo

Ginkgo biloba is a well known herb for the brain. It is believed to help improve memory and overall mental health in adults. Some studies have even found that ginkgo can help victims of Alzheimer’s disease. Aside from brain matters, people are taking ginkgo supplements to help correct erectile dysfunction and to help with arthritis.

There are many ginkgo supplements available for purchase online. They are relatively inexpensive and, if you have trouble swallowing large capsules, you can always open up the capsule and mix the powdered leaves with honey or peanut butter before eating them.

2. Garlic

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Allium sativum is being used by adults to help prevent wrinkles. While garlic is known to have numerous health benefits, the antioxidant minerals in garlic are known to prevent wrinkles. For the best results, garlic should be eaten raw. You can add thin garlic slices to salads or, if you are brave, you can eat one to two garlic cloves a day. Dip them in honey to soften the bitterness when you are chewing them. If you can’t eat raw garlic without smelling like a big garlic clove, you can take odorless garlic supplements instead.

3. Horsetail

Equisetum arvense is another great herb for skin care. Like garlic, it can help prevent wrinkles. Horsetail, also called bottlebrush, contains a trace mineral, silica, that makes skin glow and look healthier. It is also great for your joints, hair, and bones.

Horsetail can be bought as supplements online or the herb can be bought loose and dried. Horsetail tea is also available and can be worked into your morning breakfast routine.

4. American Ginseng

Illustration of ginseng from Bigelow "American Botany" Wellcome L0017447
Panax quinquefolius provides people with numerous benefits, ranging from heart health to regulating cholesterol. Commonly known as a brain herb, it helps to stimulate the mind and keep us sharp as we age. There is even some evidence that ginseng may also help improve memory in adults.

There are many ways to add ginseng to your diet. One of the most common methods is simply taking supplements that are available online for purchase. You can also buy the dried roots whole, sliced, or powdered. Ginseng teas are also available to purchase for when you need a quick boost of energy.

5. Gotu Kola

Centella asiatica is an herb for the skin. It is usually used topically to reduce scars and repair skin damage. It is often an ingredient found in natural skin care products.

Supplements can be found online and are well within many people’s budgets. You can also buy centella cream to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and scars.

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