Monday, August 17, 2015

5 Great Websites for Generating Nonfiction Book Ideas

Before you begin exploring these 5 great websites for nonfiction book ideas, quickly grab a pen and paper. You’ll need them for the list of book ideas you are about to come up with.

1. gets over 10 million unique visitors a month. It’s one of those viral websites that is loaded with content for people read and share on social media. To get nonfiction book ideas, visit the sections that interest you: communication, lifestyle, money, productivity, tech, and work. Read through the titles and the content. See what subjects get shared the most and what people are reading. How can you develop the popular ideas into a book? How can you change the subject to reflect your own interests?


If you are into the strange, the odd, and you love history, this is the website to get lost on. Each article on can lead you down a new path of study that can be turned into the research for a new book. This site is also a great inspiration for works of fiction.

3. gets an estimated 150 million unique visitors a month. Their newsfeed is continuously rolling with great ideas. At the time of this writing, quite a few DIY craft posts are trending. Drink recipes are also pretty hot right now. Want to make your boobs look bigger? That’s up there, too.

4. gets about 26 million unique visitors a month. Similar to, puts you on the pulse of what people are reading online and what they are interested in. When you get past all of the celebrity news, you will find great ideas for drinks, food, health, and beauty that can be spun into a nonfiction book.


The articles on Entrepreneur can inspire an endless amount of nonfiction book ideas. While the main focus is on entrepreneurs, the subjects covered on this website range from sleep habits and branding to business start-ups and hiring.

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