Saturday, August 22, 2015

5 Ways to Prepare to Be a Kindle Book Writer

You’ve probably read all the Kindle publishing success stories and now you are anxious to start writing and publishing your own Kindle books. Here are the steps you need to prepare to become a Kindle writer.

1. Know Why You Want to Write Kindle Books

Before you start on the path to writing Kindle books, know why you are doing it. The reasons can be many. Some people write and publish Kindle books to replace their day job. Some do it for the extra earnings. There are writers who write for the enjoyment and writers who want to leave behind a legacy.

2. Set Goals

Set realistic goals for yourself. How many books can you write in a year? Most Kindle writers succeed by publishing at least one book a month. Even if you write only one book every two months, that is still six Kindle books a year.

3. Step by Step

What steps do you need to take before you begin a career in writing? Do you have a work area set up? If not, that is one of the steps you must take. Have you created a working schedule? Plan each step you need to take and then take them.

4. Writing Habit

Turn writing into a daily habit. Plan on writing every day for a certain amount of time during your most creative hours. Keep to your schedule, no matter what.

5. Get Others Involved

You may not always get the support you would like when you decide to become a writer, but you can enlist them for help. Delegate tasks, including housework. Do your fair share of the housework, but not more than your share. You can’t do everything for everyone and still have time to write a book. Also explain “bugger off” time to the members of your family. Tell them not to disturb you while you are writing. Let them know your writing schedule and tell them that you are available to them before and after that scheduled time.

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