Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Ways Writers Can Set Up Their Work Area to Increase Productivity

Writers spend a bulk of their time writing in their personal workspaces, so why not use the area to not only be functional, but to also increase productivity?

1. Window Seat

You want to work in as much natural sunlight as possible. It is healthier for you and it helps set the mood for writing. Try and set your work area next to a window, but avoid setting your desk in front of it. If you do set your desk in front of a window, you may find yourself becoming easily distracted with the scenery.

2. Music Setup

Forget about playing music directly from your computer. Fiddling with your music selection and having the player open in the background can cause you multiple interruptions during your work hours. Instead, create a music station with the addition of an mp3 player with speakers or a cd player. Prepare your music selection beforehand so that you will not be tempted to switch around between songs or simply put in a cd and let it play.

Avoid music with words. What you want to play is background music and something that sets the mood for your writing. While music with words will distract you from work, but you can still play any style of music you enjoy, from New Age to classical to dance floor beats.

3. Keep Supplies in Reach

Even though many of us work on the computer, we still need the other office supply tools from time to time. Keep a supply of pens, pencils, paper tablets, scissors, and a staple in a drawer. Visit your local office supply store and look into desk organizers and other supplies. Keep yourself well stocked and know where everything is to avoid losing valuable work time.

4. Live Plants

Live plants in your work area not only creates beauty, it can also make you feel happier and less stressed. Plants will also improve the air quality in your workspace and, according to research, will increase your productivity.

5. Personalize Your Space

Above all else, give your work area some personality. Some people have a few choice toys on their desk. I prefer paintings on the walls and a fuzzy blanket to wrap around my shoulders whenever I catch a chill. Make the space yours and surround yourself with items that inspire your creativity.

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