Wednesday, August 26, 2015

5 Writing Habits That Will Make You a Better Writer

Read about any successful author and you will soon learn about her or his writing habits, from waking up in the early morning for the quiet to sitting in a bare hotel room each day to type out a novel. Writers create habits to get themselves in the mood to write and they build upon these habits until they become a daily ritual.

1. Relax

Stress will block the flow of your creativity. Create a prewriting ritual where you relax and prepare to focus on your writing.

2. Write Every Day

Stephen King writes every day, including holidays. While you don’t have to write up to ten pages a day like he does, you should set a daily word count goal, such as 1,000 words a day.

3. Write When You’re Not in the Mood

You wake up and you feel like crap. You stub your toe on the way to the bathroom and spill your coffee on the kitchen counter. Guess what? You still have to write today.

Write no matter what kind of mood your are in. Follow the first habit for better writing and create a prewriting ritual to put yourself in the writing frame of mind.

4. Write When Its Inconvenient

There is no absolutely perfect time to start working on a book, and if you wait for that perfect moment, nothing will ever get written. Break free from waiting for the perfect moment and train yourself to work during the most inconvenient times. It can be while you are sitting in the car, waiting in an office, going to the bathroom, or while the teens are having a shouting match.

5. Finish What You Start

The book ideas may be flooding in, but the best time to start working on a new book is after you’ve finished the one you are working on. Keep a list of your book ideas and go back to them after your current project is finished.

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