Sunday, August 30, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up Writing

1. You Will Get Better At It

I started submitting my stories to publishers and magazines when I was 11 or 12. I knew I wanted to be a writer, that I was going to be a writer no matter what, but I was far too young and inexperienced to get published at that age. Thank goodness I never let the slew of rejection notices get me down.

The fact is, you will get better at writing as you continue to write. As with any other form of art or even sport, practice makes you better.

2. Even the Worst Writers Make Money

How many times have you read something and thought, “I can write better than that.” That writer was more than likely paid for that book or article or is earning money from it, even if it is only pennies a month.

If you know you can write better than that other writer, then do it. No excuses.

3. Possibility

There is always that possibility that one of these times your book is going to be a bestseller. There is always that possibility that you will start earning a livable income from your writing or that you will start to bring in 6 figures a year. Where there is possibility, there’s hope. Continue to write and see what happens. Or simply make it happen by studying other bestsellers and learning their formula for success.

4. Time

Many people complain that there is not enough time in the day to write. I say, as do many other writers, you have to make the time. This means creating a work schedule. Set aside one hour a day for writing only. Eliminate non-productive busy work from your day to day life and watch television only as a reward for completing the day’s work.

5. Too Many Words

Here’s some food for thought: the average mobile phone text will text 30,000 words a year. Those 30,000 words barely took any thought and only took moments to send. Instead of texting, imagine how many words you could type in an hour each day. If you wrote only 1,000 words a day, by the end of a month you will have 30,000 words. That’s 1 to 3 nonfiction Kindle books or 1 fiction Kindle book each month.

6. The Best Things in Life Take Time

Finding your voice, developing your skills, and learning how to plot all takes time. You should never give up writing just because your first, second, or fifth book didn’t sell the way you wanted them to. You shouldn’t give up because finding the perfect formula takes time to develop. Like wine, as writers age and gain more experience, they get better at writing and spinning tales.

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