Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blog Naming Ideas

While searching for article ideas that encompass the word "blog," I came across the keywords for "blog name generator". What are people thinking?

If you are looking for a great name for your blog, you start off with the main keyword, or subject of your blog. For example, if you plan to create a blog about raw food, "raw food" is your keyword. If you are planning on creating a blog about cats, "cats" is your main keyword.

When you know the subject or main keyword for your blog, write it down because that keyword is going to be used in your blog name.

Next, you will need to add another one to two words to your main keyword. For example, Raw Food on the Go. This would be a blog for raw food people who need tips and recipes for raw food while out and about. For cats, you can choose a particular focus, such as Persian Cat Lover. This is also called choosing a niche. You want your main keyword and you want to break it down into a smaller, targeted category. This helps you target your audience as well as help you focus on what type of articles you should plan on writing.

You don't need a blog name generator, just a pen, paper, and the Internet to come up with ideas, niches, and to check to see if the name and domain are unique and available.

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