Friday, August 14, 2015

How to Get Traffic to a New Blog

The big question most new bloggers have is "How do I get traffic to my blog?" The search engines take their time at acknowledging your blog's existence, so where does the traffic come from? Social media.


Twitter has been a blog saver for me. While Google and the other search engines were farting around, I was busy adding my links to my Twitter account.

It is not difficult to get followers on Twitter. The great big secret to getting followers is to follow other people. When I was first looking for followers on Twitter to share my links on writing and publishing, I went to a writing magazine's profile that had thousands of followers and began following those people. They were already interested in writing and publishing, and many of them followed me back. Do about 100 follows a day to increase your following. Those who don't follow you back, delete.


They say that you're either a Twitter or a Facebook addict. Rarely can you be both. I'm a Facebook flunky, but there are many, many people who exceed at Facebooking. To bring in readers to your blog, create a Facebook Page and send a Like request to all your friends. Then, buy a Facebook Ad to really boost your numbers.


Google+ all your articles. I am not very active on Google+, but I do get a lot of hits from it. Getting followers is as easy as it is with Twitter.


I love Pinterest. It is an interesting concept and it gives me yet another excuse to use my own photos on my blogs.

Go Paper

I actually created and printed off a simple ad for my Kindle publishing site. It's posted on the bulletin of a local library I frequent. Book readers also tend to dream of writing books, so I took advantage of the free advertising. I will probably print off business cards next with my url, site name, and slogan and ask the librarian if I can set them on the counter for people to take. In fact, I think I will just order the business cards after I finish this post and save myself the trouble. I'll make a day of visiting local libraries and the two used book stores I visit frequently.

Other Ideas

There are a slew of other ways to drive traffic to your blog. For example, sign up with and add your blog information. There's also Delicious, Reddit, LinkedIn, Digg, and a slew of other places to add links to your latest articles. There is also guest blogging and writing for related ezines for a byline with a link back to your blog.

In other words, there are many, many ways to get that initial traffic. And, eventually, the search engines will hopefully begin to acknowledge your blog's existence.

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