Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to Write the Best Type of Blog Post

The best type of blog post you can write is the "how to" blog post. "How to" is one of the most common phrases used in search engines. Examples include:

  • How to Make Tuna Casserole
  • How to Bake Bread
  • How to Build a Swing Set
  • How to Swim in the Ocean
  • How to Take a Test

You get the idea.

Deciding What to Write About

Before you get writing, you need to know the general subject you are writing about. For example, if you run a blog about buying used cars, your ultimate how to post will be How to Buy a Used Car, but there are hundreds of smaller how to articles you can write up. For example:

How to Identify Rust on a Used Car
How to Get the Best Price on a Used Car
How to Avoid Buying a Lemon

Every little bit of information that goes into buying a used car can be turned into a how to article.

Break It Up

People have short attention spans and if they are faced with a large block of reading, they will probably skip reading it. The best way to format your how to articles it to break it into bite size paragraphs. Give each paragraph a heading so that the reader knows what the paragraph is about.

Add Photos

Adding photos to your how to blog post will also help break up the text and it will increase the reader's enjoyment of the post. Use your own photographs, if at all possible, to avoid violating anyone's copyright.

Title Accurately

While you will probably write your blog title before you write your how to post, it is important that, after your how to article is written, the title reflects perfectly on the content of your blog. The title is how people will find your blog post. If the title doesn't reflect the content of the post, you will lose readers' trust.

Post and Share

After you have proofed and perfected your how to article, it is time to post it. Add a photo or more to the article. If you are able, create a how to video, post it on YouTube, and link to it in your article. After the post goes live on your blog, share the link through your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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