Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How to Write List Posts for Blogs

There are many different types of posts you can write for your blog, and the best blogs use them all. Creating different types of posts is fun for your readers and just as fun for you. It would get boring if you just used the same type of post on your blog each and every day. By learning about and trying out all the different types of blog posts you can write, you'll get to add great content to your blog and avoid a case of blogger's block.

Lists posts are just about the easiest type of post you can write and they can be about almost anything. Here are some examples:

Top 10 Places to Visit in Pennsylvania
5 Easiest Ways to Change a Lightbulb
200 Tips to Clean Your House
50 Easy Homemade Bread Recipes

How to Come Up With a List Idea

Begin with your niche. As an example, let us say that you have a blog about cat care. Cat care is your niche.

Next, look through the titles of the articles you have already written. Let's say you wrote an article about caring for a cat after surgery. You can expand upon that article idea and create a list of "10 Things You Should Do After Your Cat is Neutered." This, of course, can lead to even more list ideas: 20 Tips to Keep You Cat from Spraying, 5 Ways to Stop Your Cat from Scratching the Furniture, and more.

When you start to get ideas for lists, write them down as fast as you think them up. You will forget them if you don't, and you want to always keep a list of blog ideas handy for when you don't know what to write about.

Building Your Blog List

After you have come up with a list of ideas, choose one idea from that list. Begin brainstorming and researching. Create the list and number each item as you go. For example, I am working on a list of the types of blogs you can write. My list looks like this:

1. The Long Post
2. The List Post
3. The Review Post
4. The Definition Post

Try and get at least 5 items on your list. When you are finished with your list, move on to the next step.

Adding Text and Links to Your List Post

If I would publish the above list on the types of blog posts, it would look boring. It provides the reader with no real information. So, the next step is to give the reader a brief description of each item and then provide a link for more in-depth information. Example:

1. The Long Post - Search engines are beginning to favor longer blog posts and writers are now aiming to create content that is 1,000 words or longer. Learn how to write longer blog posts with these instructions and basic outline template.

You can make the descriptive text as short as a sentence or as long as two paragraphs. Do this with each item on your list and link each item to content that is already on your blog or on another blog.

A Side Benefit to Creating Lists

One of the best things I have learned while working at is that creating list content helps you identify weak spots in your content. Write now I am working on a blog post on the 12 types of blog posts. I made my list of the 12 most common blog posts and realized that I still have to write individual posts on each of these types of post. As I write each new post, I go back to my original list and add a blurb about the type of post I just wrote about and add the link. My list post, as soon as it goes live, will be a hub where a reader can go and find a basic list post and dig deeper into this blog to find more valuable information about each type of blog post.

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