Monday, August 10, 2015

Testing Nonfiction Book Ideas on HubPages

When you have a list of nonfiction book ideas and you don't know which ideas will be the most successful, test them out on HubPages.

I have been posting articles to HubPages since 2011. Since I might only post 1 article every month or so, I really haven't been paying attention to my stats like I should. The other day, however, I decided to take one of my book ideas and turn it into an article just to see how well it would go. Then it hit me, I should be doing this with all my book ideas.

Publishing Articles Brings in a Small Income

Just by publishing articles on HubPages, you are creating another source of passive income. When you hit or exceed the $50 mark by the end of a month, you can expect a deposit the following month. It's a nice addition to whatever else you are earning, but you probably won't be able to retire on your HubPage earnings.

Testing Out Subject Ideas

Without consciously realizing it, I have already written two Kindle books based off of two articles I had written for HubPages. And now, when I look through the stats on my articles, I can see two other promising book ideas.

For example, my pattern instructions for knitting hats does very well. I love to knit and I can easily come up with more hat knitting patterns. Also, my brief article on pinafores has always had a good amount of traffic. I could spend a week designing pinafore patterns and write a book on it.

I can also see which subjects have flopped. This may be because, at least for one article, the market is already glutted with information on the subject. Another article is on an obscure subject.

Make a List and Test It Out

You should always keep a list of book ideas on hand. As you get each idea, test it out. If you don't already have a HubPage account (or another article site), get one set up. Create a brief article about each of your nonfiction book ideas, and see what the readers have to say. Keep track of your stats (something I will be doing from now on), and see which topics get the most hits.

This is just another way to test out ideas. While doing a keyword search on Google's Adsense will give you a few ideas, writing 1,000 word articles and publishing them will let you test out the market.

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