Friday, August 7, 2015

Writing Definition Blog Posts

There are many different types of blog posts, but the one that is often overlooked is the definition post. The definition post is a blog post that defines a word or a phrase. It is generally considered evergreen material and it is useful content that readers look for when they first become interested in the niche you are writing for.

The Purpose of a Definition Post

The main purpose of a definition post is to educate your readers on the words and phrases that are common to your niche. For example, while I was the bread baking guide for About, I created a few definition pages for bread bakers. One word I defined was "retard." It is a term used in bread baking to slow down the growth of the yeast used in bread baking - to retard (slow down) the yeast. The word has many negative associations and that is why I felt the need to define it on my site. I needed to educate my readers on the term because it is used in many older cookbooks.

Choosing Terms for Your Niche

Every niche has words and phrases that belong to it. For example, blogging has words and phrases, such as SEO, content marketing, and passive income. All three of those phrases can be defined for your readers who are new to the subject of blogging.

Find words that are common to your niche and create a list. Work on creating one definition post for each word or phrase. Use the post to link to other information on your site to further help your reader.

How Often to Post Definitions

Definition posts are not as popular as how to posts, but they can produce a steady supply of incoming traffic. If you are making one post a day to your blog, aim to include one definition post each week until you have used up your list of words and phrases to define. Include links to related content in each definition post, and then go back to creating more how to posts and long posts.

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