Friday, September 4, 2015

6 Tricks Writers Use to Be More Productive

Writers have time to fiddle around and see what methods work best for them and what works to increase their productivity. These 6 tricks of the trade are the most common and practical ways writers make the most use of their time.

1. Use a Timer

Use a timer and work for 45 minutes. Give yourself a break for the remaining 15 minutes in the hour and then work for another 45 minutes. Many writers find that they are more productive using a timer. They waste less time when there is a designated amount of time to work and a designated amount of time to stretch and do something different.

2. Checklist

Create a checklist of what you must get done. Break book projects down into smaller tasks and turn the list into a checklist. Get the satisfaction of checking off each task that brings you closer to a finished book.

3. Listen to Music to Set the Pace and Mood

Listen to music while you write. Choose music that fits the mood of your book or choose music that will set the pace of your typing. Avoid music with words because the words will be a distraction.

4. Carry a Notebook

Always carry a notebook with you. Inspiration or the solution to your plot can occur at any time. Be prepared with pen and paper because you never know when your smartphone will run out of battery or decide to give up the ghost. Hard copies of ideas are best.

5. Natural Rhythms

Work with your natural rhythms. If you are most creative at night, schedule your writing hours at night. If you are a morning or afternoon person, work with yourself to create time for writing during those hours. By working with your natural rhythms, your productivity will increase.

6. Build Momentum

Break large goals into smaller tasks and add these tasks to your daily checklist. As you complete each smaller task, you will realize that you are getting closer to your goal. The momentum will continue to build and you will achieve more work, faster.

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