Saturday, September 5, 2015

6 Ways Writers Can De-Clutter Their Lives

Writers can be the messiest people around or they can be the neatest folks on the block. The fact is, when you declutter your life, you make room for inspiration, creativity, and, ultimately, an increase in production.

1. Reduce and Eliminate Non-Productive Activities

You don’t need a direct connection to Twitter or Facebook 24 hours a day, and you certainly don’t need to check your inbox every 15 minutes. All of these activities are time wasters. Instead, use social media as a tool to promote yourself, your writing, and to promote others. Don’t spend hours each day reading through the feed. Set designated times to check your accounts and inbox.

Television is another time sucker. If you simply refuse to eliminate watching television, then set designated times for watching it. Use it as a reward for meeting your daily goals.

2. Create a Working Schedule

You need to create a schedule that actually works and one that you will stick to. Decide on your best times for writing and schedule everything else around those times.

3. Make a Short To-Do List Every Day

Every night, before going to bed, write out a short to-do list for the next day. Include up to 10 things that you must do or would like to do.

4. Clean Up Work Space

There is a huge difference between a creative atmosphere and a sheer mess. When you start to get cluttered, it is time to clean up. Find your desk under all those papers and throw away the candy wrappers.

5. Avoid Negative and Annoying People

Negative people can zap the energy right out of you in under 10 minutes. Avoid them as much as possible. If you must deal with them, such as family members, see them after you have done the day’s writing.

6. Set Daily Writing Goals

Set a daily writing goal. Some people set a goal as low as 500 words a day and others set their goal much higher at 10 pages a day. Set a minimum amount of work you must do each day.

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