Thursday, September 10, 2015

7 Things You Should Know About KDP Select

Many people who publish their books on Kindle will choose to put their books into the KDP Select program because of its many benefits. There are also a few writers who advise against this practice because by enrolling a book into KDP Select you agree not to sell it in other platforms on other sites, such as Smashwords.

My experience with KDP Select has been extremely positive. I have all my books enrolled in the program because I make a lot of my money through Kindle Unlimited.

Before you decide on whether or not to join KDP Select, you need to know the following.

1. Exclusive to Amazon

To enroll your book in KDP Select it must be exclusive to This means your book may not be available, for sale or for free, on any other sites.

2. Earn Money from Borrows

When you put your book in the KDP Select program, people can borrow your book. You get paid a share of the KDP Select Global Fund for each borrow where the reader reads 10% or more of your book.

3. No Limits on How Many Books You Enroll

You can enroll one book into KDP Select to try it out or you can enroll all of your books into the program.

4. Free Offers

Under the KDP Select Program, you can offer your book for free download for up to 5 days within a 90 day period.

5. Minors

People under the age of 18 can publish books on Kindle and be enrolled in KDP Select. The minor’s parent or guardian must open the KDP account and the minor can publish her or his books on this account.

6. Kindle Unlimited

All Kindle books that are enrolled in KDP Select are included in Kindle Unlimited. This allows people to borrow Kindle books for “free” when they pay the monthly subscription price. You are paid from the KDP Select Global Fund for the borrows.

7. Automatic Renewal

Your books are automatically renewed in KDP Select every 90 days. This means that if you place your book in the KDP Select program, it will automatically renew every 90 days so that you don’t have to manually renew it.

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