Sunday, September 13, 2015

7 Ways to Become a Workaholic Writer

Making the change from slacker writer to workaholic writer takes time, willpower, and determination. These are the methods I used to change my life around and begin earning real money for my work.

1. Set Daily Work Goals

Daily goal setting changed my life from the first day I started doing it. What you do is, each night, before going to bed, you write a list of things you must accomplish the next day and, under that, things you would like to accomplish. When you get up the next day, read over your list and tackle one goal at a time. Start with the must goals and, when you have completed those, begin working on the would like goals.

Having goals written down so that you are able to read through them helps you focus on what you need to do. I find that when I focus on just one task, one goal, I am able to complete it quickly and efficiently.

2. Break Large Projects Down into Smaller Projects

Some goals are just too large to be completed in one day, such as writing a Kindle book. For these larger goals, you will need to break the goal down into smaller goals. For example, one goal could be choosing a niche and a second goal could be titling the book or creating a basic outline. When you break larger goals down into smaller goals, you are more likely to accomplish those goals.

For those who write blog posts and articles, let me share a tip: Never write the number of blog posts or articles you want to write in one day. For example, never add to your goal list, “write 5 blog posts.” It is not a very motivating goal and it is unlikely that you will get yourself to reach the end of that goal. Instead, add the goal, “come up with 5 new blog titles.” After you come up with those blog titles, your brain now knows what it is going to write about. Write each title onto your goal list. Your goal is to write a blog post for each title.

3. Focus on What Must Be Done

Only focus on one thing at a time. Do not multitask because you will wind up with a bunch of started projects and zero finished projects. Instead, choose one goal from your daily goal list and focus on starting and finishing it. Do not allow yourself to start working on a new goal until you have finished what you are working on.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Get rid off all distractions, except for the kids. Turn off the television, your cell phone, the radio, and anything else that beeps, bleeps, or talks. If you can close the door and work in a quiet room, do so. Put up a “do not disturb” sign, if your family members are forgetful. If all else fails, go write someplace else.

I’ve done writing in my car, in the back yard, and on walking trails when I’ve had to. You have to find what works best for you and, in emergencies, where you can go for distraction-free writing when things are too hectic at home.

5. Know Your Purpose

Why do you write? What is your overall purpose to writing? Each person has their reasons for writing. It can be money and increasing earnings, it can be a personal challenge, and it can be the desire to share. It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, you just need to write it down and post it somewhere in your work area where you will see it every day.

6. Avoid Burnout

Nothing destroys productivity faster than burnout. Burnout happens when you work too much and don’t give yourself breaks and off time. Writer’s burnout can take days and even weeks to recover from - a much longer time than if you would have just given yourself breaks and time off.

7. Stay Motivated

Motivation is key to increasing your ability to write often and a lot. Writers have different ways to get themselves motivated. For myself, quotes from famous people get me motivated to start working and continue to work. Some writers use visualizations, affirmations, or a daily ritual to get themselves mentally prepared to start their work day. Creating a reward system for yourself is another great motivator that works for many people. The key is to find what works best for you and then use it religiously.

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