Wednesday, September 16, 2015

8 Reasons Why People Give Up on Writing a Book

Still stuck on writing your first book? Here are 8 reasons why people give up on their book projects and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Fast Enough

A book is not magically written overnight and it certainly isn’t written in a weekend unless you are dedicated to the project.

Writing a book takes time.

Disregard the time it takes for the pros to write a book. Create your own writing schedule and set a daily word count goal of 1,000 or more words. At the end of a month, you will have roughly 30,000 words finished, and that is enough for a Kindle book.

2. Never Seem to Have the Time

No time? Yeah, you and me both.

To have time to write, you need to make the time to write. Create a writing schedule for yourself and stick to it no matter what. If your daily schedule already seems crowded, then it is time to hack away at the unnecessary things, like watching television or wasting time on Facebook. Cut back on the non-essential activities to make room for writing.

3. Lack of Confidence

I’ve suffered from lack of confidence one too many times and that is why I write under pen names.

When you write a book, pretend that no one else will ever read it or agree to allow yourself to write and publish it under a pen name. It is an incredibly freeing experience.

4. Too Many How-To Books

You should read a book or three on how to write fiction or nonfiction. After that, you are just filling your head with unnecessary clutter.

Read your books, but don’t take them as the word of the almighty. When it comes to writing, rules can be, and often are, broken.

Find your own methods for writing a book, use what works best for you, and discard the rest.

5. Spotting Too Many Mistakes

As writers, we are trained to write first and edit later. Beginning writers often think they should write and edit at the same time or that their first copy should be perfect. They become upset when they see that this is not a realistic way to write a book.

Writers make mistakes. Some writers make a lot of mistakes. That is why we have proofreaders and editors.

6. Lack of Encouragement

Lack of encouragement can deflate any artist’s ego, especially writers. I’ve been through it: no one thinks you should pursue writing as a career and everyone thinks you are just being lazy.

It can be tough pushing through all the doubt from the people you care about, but it can be done. You simply need to push aside what they say. If it helps, take on the “I’ll show you” attitude and prove them all wrong.

7. No Motivation

Without proper motivation, your book will never get written. It will linger in your computer files and collect dust on your desk.

To write a book, you have to really want to do it.

Find your motivation. Why do you want to write this book? Are you writing it to share your knowledge? Is your goal to establish yourself as an authority on the subject? Is it a story that is begging to be told? Are you in it for the potential earnings?

8. Too Many Distractions

Kids, work, companions, and social media all provide us with several lifetimes worth of distractions. To get a book written, you will need to eliminate as many distractions as possible. After that, you will have to work with the kids and get them onto a schedule where they do certain, quiet activities while you are writing.

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