Monday, September 28, 2015

How to Write an eBook By Setting Small, Easy Goals

I like to make lists and feel the thrill of crossing things off that list. That is why this method for writing an ebook works so well for me. I break each step down into a simple goal and gain a sense of accomplishment when I complete each goal.

Breaking larger goals down into smaller goals works for many goal-oriented people. Instead of telling myself that I have to sit down and write an entire ebook, I focus on just one small aspect of that goal and the large project is suddenly manageable.

Goal 1 Subject and Title

The first step to writing an ebook is deciding what you are going to write about.

If you are writing fiction, you probably have a good idea about what you want your story to be about. For example, if you plan on writing about an alligator that finds true love in a swamp, you can write your ebook summary as, "Lonely alligator travels the dangerous swamps of Louisiana to find her true love." Once you have figured out the general direction of your ebook, you can create a working title. Since it is just a working title, you can change it at any time to give a better feel for the ebook.

Nonfiction writers can choose topics they are knowledgable about or a topic that interests them. They then break down their their topic into something smaller. For example, if you are a header and want to write a ebook about beading, you will want to break it down into a smaller topic, such as how to make beaded chokers. Many nonfiction writers use Google's keyword tool to break down a topic into a smaller niche by seeing what people are searching for on the web. Once you have chosen what you are writing about, you pretty much have the title of your ebook.

Goal 2 Chapters and Subtopics

When you know what you are writing about, you can break your ebook down into chapters. What is your nonfiction ebook going to cover? A fiction writer might, instead, plot out their story from action point to action point. The point is, now you create the skeleton of your book.

Goal 3 Flesh Outline with Notes and Key Points

After you have the bones of your book in place, it is time to flesh it out. Add notes under each section, plot ideas, and key points.

Goal 4 Choosing How Much to Write Each Day

How much you write each day is up to you. You can do it by word count or by chapter. Make a plan and write it out. Each time you reach the 1,000 word mark or each time you finish a chapter, check it off your goal list.

Goal 5 Edit and Proofread

After you have written your ebook, you will need to read through it, do edits, and proofread.

Goal 6 Final Proofread

A final proofread is always needed. If possible, have someone do this step for you.

Goal 7 Cover

Some people make this their second step in ebook writing. I generally save it for last, after the book is completed and I am certain of the title. Either create your own ebook cover or hire someone to create it for you.

Goal 8 Post Online

When your ebook is ready, it is time to upload it to Kindle. Thank goodness. Upload your file, double check the layout in the preview, and set the price.

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