Friday, September 25, 2015

Writing and Publishing Autobiographies on Kindle

Almost every day on Craigslist I see a posts by people looking for a writer to retell their life story. The truth is, you don’t need someone else to tell your story. You can tell it yourself, better than anyone else can, and you can publish it on Kindle.

Make an Outline

An autobiography can start anywhere and end anywhere. It can cover your entire life up until now or it can cover an incident from your youth. If you’ve been thinking of writing an autobiography, you probably know what story you want to tell. Begin by creating an outline. Write out all the events in chronological order and jot notes of things you want to include in each section. The more detailed your outline, the easier it will be to write your book.


Gather photographs and any illustrations or handwritten notes from the time period you are writing about. Ask family members for photos you can use and copies of any correspondences.

Introduce Yourself

Begin your autobiography with an introduction. Introduce yourself as you are today or introduce yourself as you were when the story starts.

Be Honest

No one is perfect. Show your faults and failures. People identify with people who have made mistakes.


Find and write down your purpose for writing the autobiography. If it is to portray an incident, write that down somewhere where you can see it every day as you work. If the purpose is to show inequalities in the legal system, write it and hang it on the wall. Always keep your purpose for writing on your mind when you are crafting your autobiography.

Draft It and Re-read

Hammer out your first draft. Don’t worry about typos, sentence structure, or exact dates right now. Just get your story written. When you are finished, take a break and then dive in for the edits. Re-read your manuscript. Remembering your purpose, cut out anything not related to the focus of your story. Double check facts and add more details when necessary.

Get an Editor

Hire an editor. An editor will help you put the finishing touches on your manuscript. Find one that will do proofreads, too, and make corrections to improper sentence structure.

Publish It On Kindle

You don’t need a snooty-tooty publisher to publish your autobiography. If you have hired an editor to help you fix up your work, you can move on to self publishing. Kindle has a wonderful selection of autobiographies and, while I have yet to publish my own, I am sure that the right story can earn a person a fair residual income.

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