Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Writing eBooks for Zemandi Users? Forget It!

I signed up with Zemandi some time ago just to check it out and possibly give it a review. First, I tested out writing a short article for them which only yielded a little over $2. Not worth my time, but it was all in the review spirit. Then I requested another content assignment and what I got had me seeing red.

Let’s back up a minute, first. There are some bloggers that use Zemandi as a way to get cheap (super cheap) content written for their blogs. The bloggers will create an assignment stating the what the post should be about, give keywords, and a word count.

On the other end are the writers. These are the folks working for peanuts writing content for other people’s websites and blogs. Writers are paid around $2 per post. That’s not much incentive for doing a great job, but I am sure there are some writers who go the extra mile for the project at hand.

What I didn’t realize when I first checked out Zemandi was that people could also request ebooks to be written for Kindle. Generally, a ghost writer for a Kindle book will get paid anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on their skills and past work.

When I requested a new content assignment I received a book writing project that paid $11.25. Excuse me? Even my least selling book earns more than that a month.

While I can’t call out what the project was for, I will lend you some of the details. The person requesting the work wanted a 2500 word book, broken down into 5 to 7 chapters. Each chapter needed a “compelling” heading. The work was to also include an introduction and a conclusion.

$11.25. Who in the hum would take on such a demeaning project?

Listen, if you can write a book in 2500 words or more, don’t do it for someone else unless they are going to pay you well for your efforts. Publish it yourself. Like I said, my worst earning book makes more than that each month, and it will continue to earn money for the years to come. Why on earth would I create that pocket of passive income for someone who is too lazy to do the work himself or who is just out to scam writers?

What a joke.

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