Monday, September 21, 2015

Writing eBooks to Help Other Writers

Kindle ebooks that help other writers succeed on the Kindle publishing platform are very popular right now, but the market is quickly becoming saturated. Should you decide to write an ebook about writing for Kindle, you will need to find a smaller niche. For example, the market for writing nonfiction kindle ebooks is currently saturated. You will have to dig deeper to find a niche within nonfiction writing that sells, such as writing true pet stories.


eBooks about writing fiction, however, are not as plentiful as ebooks about writing nonfiction. This is probably because most people can write a nonfiction book about something they are knowledgeable about, whereas fiction requires coming up with a story plot and a good amount of creativity.

If I were going to write an ebook to help other writers, I would focus on a genre within fiction, such as horror, romance, western, mystery, etc. This narrows down the competition from the generic "how to write fiction" ebooks. I would also write ebooks that focus on distinct writing elements, such as "how to build suspense in a mystery novel" or " creating an atmosphere of terror in horror novels." Doing this eliminates a ton of competition while still providing instruction on a popular subject that will appeal to fiction, or wanna-be fiction, writers.

Writing for Greeting Cards, Slogans, Etc.

Another genre you can focus on is on how to write greeting card, bumper sticker, t-shirt slogans. I had the good fortune to know a lady who made a living writing for greeting cards. I don't know how she could sit down and write blurb after blurb, but she did it day after day.


Everyone thinks they are a poet. Heck, I still have the angst-dribble I wrote as a teenager, but I've never been brave / stupid enough to publish it. I am sure there are many people who would like to publish their poetry. How can they do this successfully? What poetry books sell the best on Kindle? How do you write poetry? How do you write chants? Haikus?

Check the Market First

Whatever you decide to target in your writer's ebook, check the market first. If there are more than 5 books on the subject you want to write about, then change the angle of your subject. Avoid being one of the drones. There are already too many Kindle ebooks covering the same topics. Be different. Be original. Get your voice heard.

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