Sunday, September 20, 2015

Writing Kindle Books for Preppers

Thanks to the show Doomsday Preppers, the term preppers has become a hot word for Kindle books. The word also does fairly well on Google searches, according to the Keyword Planner. Other terms used are survivalist and homesteader, although preppers is quickly becoming a popular term for people who are preparing for any number of disasters. These disasters include a disease epidemic, solar flares, a polar switch, terrorist attacks, and more.

I honestly believe that all people should be prepared for a disaster, whether it is manmade or natural. It can be as simple as having a food and water supply for a few days in case of the loss of power, which has happened many times to my household during severe snow and ice storms. Others prepare for years of possible isolation. In either case, people are becoming more aware of the need to be able to care for themselves in any event.

What This Means for Kindle Writers

Prepper books continue to pop up on Kindle and recent events and new disaster possibilities are driving more and more people to read these types of books. A quick search on Amazon for Kindle books on prepping shows me that while the food preservation topics are being taken over, there is still a lot of room for other types of prepping books.

Take a Skill and Gear it Towards Preppers

Let’s say you are a knitter and you create and write your own patterns. What can you knit that would be used by preppers? The same goes with any craft, from woodworking to pottery - what can you make that would be used by preppers?

Are you good at hiding things? Preppers are always looking into ways to hide their food storage and medical supplies.

Organizing? Think of all the organizational skills needed to create a functional pantry where food is used before it expires. Following the “first in, first out” rule, what can be done to organize cans, mason jars, and boxes so that nothing goes bad?

How about collecting and storing heirloom seeds?

Handmade weaponry is another hot topic, as well as self defense and building emergency shelters.

Just About Everyone Can Benefit

Some view preppers as a fringe group, but the truth is that more and more Americans are realizing that they need to have extra food supplies on hand. If the recent years of earthquakes, flooding, and forest fires have taught us anything, it is that we cannot rely on the government to help us in time. We need to have a stocked pantry, even if it is just a short term supply of food and water, and we need to have basic survival skills in times of power loss. The latest batch of Kindle prepper writers are tackling these basic issues.

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