Thursday, October 1, 2015

10 Book Ideas You Can Write About Your State

1. Ghost Towns

Nearly every state in the United States has a ghost town. Some states have several. Find out about the ghost towns in your state, visit them, and write a book about the history of each one.

2. Vacation Spots

Create a vacation spots guide for your state. Break it down into counties.

3. Ghost Stories

Every location has its ghost stories. Head out into the field and talk to the old timers and the teenagers. Both of these groups often have the best ghost stories to tell.

4. State Legends

Every state has at least one legend. Do your research. Paul Bunyan and the Jersey Devil are excellent examples of state legends. Write a book about one of the legends in your state.

5. Hiking Trails

Write a hiking guide for your state.

6. Setting Up a Business

Setting up a business in each state is different. Write a how to guide for your state.

7. Homeschooling

Each state has its own rules for homeschooling parents. If you are a homeschooler, you can write a guide on how to get started in homeschooling in your state.

8. Historical Events

Every state owns a bit of history. Research the history of your state to find something to write about, such as the gold miners, religious sects (Pennsylvania was home to many different, now extinct, groups), and war events.

9. Museum Guide

Create a guide to all the museums in your state, big and small.

10. Famous Crimes

Research and write a book about a famous crime that happened in your state. Write a book about the top 10 crimes of your state.

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