Saturday, October 31, 2015

10 Ways to Make a Second Income Online

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Now is the best time to start any new venture and what better motive is there than to create a second income to save up for the things you want to buy? These ten ways to create a second income have all worked for many people. For example, I publish Kindle books and have create a great secondary and passive income for myself. Many people write for websites like HubPages to create a second income. YouTube channels are becoming a popular way to bring in a secondary income that can surpass your main income. Read through this list of ideas and choose one to begin working on. If you have more time after starting one income, work on a second to create another income stream.

1. Closed Captioning

Did you know you could work online providing closed captioning for movies and shows? I didn't until recently when I turned on my television's closed captioning feature and wondered who did this and if it could be done from home. A quick search on the Internet showed me I could find work from home doing closed captioning.

2. Customer Service

Big companies hire people to provide customer service to their clients. American Express is one of the big companies hiring people to work from home. If you have customer service experience and have a dedicated office space, you can find many positions online for customer service.

3. Blogging

Of course, there is always blogging. Set up a blog and write about your passion. It can be about cooking, golf, child care, or whatever interests you the most. After setting up the blog, give yourself 30 minutes a day to write a post. Monetize the blog with Adsense or with a related affiliate program. It takes time to build up a blog, but it is worth the effort.

4. Fiverr

Amazingly, there are people making a full time living on Fiverr. Check out what other people are selling on Fiverr and take inventory of your own skills. Offer to do something that will take you less than 30 minutes to do because you will only get $4 dollars out of the $5 charged to customers.

5. Article Writing

It is not a glorious job and you certainly won't get rich overnight doing it, but writing and publishing articles does slowly add up. There are many places to publish your articles, such as HubPages. You can even set yourself up as a freelance article writer on Elance and bid on jobs. For myself, I prefer to publish my articles on sites like HubPages because I can keep earning on the articles year after year. Publish enough articles on multiple websites and you will have created a great source of passive income.

6. Crafting

Crafting is alive and well, especially on sites such as Etsy. Check out their popular crafters and see what is selling. What can you make that is unique? What is popular in the market right now and how can you put your own spin on it?

7. T-shirts

I have a friend that makes designs for t-shirts and sells them through Zazzle. There are a lot of companies that allow users to design their own t-shirts and set up a shop online. The trick is to find a niche or a group of people to target and design t-shirts specifically for them, such as lefties or people living in a particular region.

8. YouTube Channel

Some people are making a killing with their YouTube channels. So much so, that my son is working on creating his own channel. There are a lot of Kindle books popping up on the subject of setting up a successful YouTube channel and, yes, I've downloaded them all. Many people prefer to get their information passively, by watching how to videos and, of course, everyone enjoys being entertained. Now is the time to find your niche and jump in the channel game.

9. Kindle

Writing and publishing Kindle books has been a profitable venture for me. I write under 4 different pen names and have published nearly 30 books. It takes time to write a book, but if you can write and publish one book a month you will be pulling a passive income from 12 books in a year's time.

10. Udemy

You can create online course on Udemy. Teach people how to do anything, from taking the perfect portrait photo to couponing. It doesn't matter what it is, if you have a skill, you can teach it to others and make a profit from it.

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